Santa Fe you stole our heart

#booktour #roadtrip #santafe Jun 09, 2021
  • The day was a busy one. I recorded a local podcast and visited two bookstores that have ordered and are carrying my book. Which...I might say feels pretty darn cool.


We spent the rest of day exploring, eating, and being one with the locals. We ate, drank, bought jewelry, art and explored some of the coolest spots where history was made.


Santa Fe was an unforgettable city in beauty, detail, creativity, kindness, and omg the food!


The days keep getting better and better with each new city we visit on my 15 state, 8 week, National book tour for my best selling book “Keep Going”


We are traveling as a family and each new city we visit Tillie (11) and Taci (10) pick their favorite part of each city too.


Here’s a little piece of what we did and learned in a day:




We learned that the oldest house and church in the United States are found in Santa Fe. (From 1610! Omg!)


It was so cool to see something so old.

The art was everywhere. From galleries, plants, street signs and the way people dressed.

I was really impressed and inspired. I love art.

We also went to two bookstores that are going to carry my moms book she wrote in them. The bookstores were really different. They had all kinds of beautiful rocks, jewelry, and other really cool artistic things for sale.

The Ark was the name of one. (That one was my favorite). The Beastie was the name of the other.



I was really really excited to be able to take my dog in every store and restaurant. Santa Fe has lots of dogs everywhere.

My second favorite thing was the buildings. Everywhere you look the buildings are made of clay and are so pretty. I want a big clay house.


And for me...


I was in love with the flowers. The way they arrange them is so pretty. Everywhere you look their is wild lavender, which is my favorite. It feels a bit like you are walking inside a really pretty painting.


We live in a city that is not as clean as it probably should be so when we come across a place that is immaculate it doesn’t go unnoticed. Santa Fe is immaculate.


Santa Fe won our hearts over! We will be back very soon!


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 5 Energy Boosters 

You know when you’re stuck in that activity that is practically making you pull your hair out? You feel like screaming? Ever been there? I know I have. At that moment, you can continue down that path or you can choose to change it up. It takes just as much energy to stay where you are as it does to change direction. Too much ick in your life creates negative thoughts and emotions which in turn creates bad habits that some of us spend our whole life trying to shed.  Give change a try.

Need a midday, week or month pick me up?  No problem. Here are some quick fixes to love. 

 5 Tips to Kick you out of that "Oh So Awful Frump"

  1.  Fresh Air...Take a step outside to replenish your body and soul.  Spending some time outside in the fresh air has been proven to increase your mood, reduce stress, and change your overall state of mind.  90% of the time it changes a positive way.
  2. MOVE....Your Body and you will MOVE your Mind. When you get up and get out your body is able to release all that frustrating, tiring juju it  has been storing.  Feed those 80 million cells in  your body!  Let them join the party and you will see just how well  they will repay you. 
  3. Green Tea..Most things green are great,  including leafy tea. Green tea boosts your immune system, revamps your mood and creates a soothing break.  
  4. Gratitude...When was the last time you took a moment to close your eyes and say thank you for all you are and have? And if that feels weird look around sweethearts....we live in the greatest place in the world. 

    When I can't seem to get to the place of gratitude, I force myself to think of 5 things I can  appreciate and then for each thing I find an example around me to fit that gift. 
  5. Breathing...some life back into your belly. The best way for all of us to get back to a place of less anxiety, stress, and back to a place of love, is to breathe.  Just like yours, my life  is  cram packed with  events, errands, and details.  But, guess what?  Deep breathing is free, takes a few minutes and has the power to move mountains. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Picture that breath changing all the cells in your body. Feeding them, making them full, making them happy. Feel the breath move through your body from your head to your feet. 

Sounds a little too much?.....

Try it.  

I guarantee it’ll bring you down to that “aaaahhh” state of being.