Kingman, Arizona in a day

#15stateroadtrip #keepgoing #kingmenarizona Jun 08, 2021

A day in Kingman


We are trekking through 15 states in 8 weeks for my National Best Selling Book Tour for my brand new book called “Keep Going”


This is the ultimate road trip with my two daughters (Tillie 11-Taci 10) and our miniature poodle Dojo. We are killing two birds with one stone. As an almost 5th grader and 6th grader we are learning all about our 50 states all while bringing my best selling book “Keep Going” to all 50 states in the next 18 months.


We left Modesto, California for our first stop...Kingman, Arizona.


Upon arrival we immediately felt the authentic, colorful and historic feeling of the town.


There are beautiful painted shops, gorgeous murals, and a total retro feeling.


We spent an entire day exploring.


Here’s our journey in a small but mighty town.


Historic Kingman Powerhouse


The Powerhouse Route 66 Museum tells the story of Route 66, starting with the development of a westerly route first developed in the 1850s to make emigration to the west easier along a weather-proof route that was also north enough to bypass the Rebel sympathizers in Arizona. The story continues through the Great Depression and the time of the dust bowl, when Midwestern farmers left their farms during the drought and came west along Route 66, the Mother Road, for a better life.  Route 66 was also part of the recovery from the Great Depression, as the New Deal provided jobs to road gangs during the 1930s when Route 66 became completely paved from Chicago to Los Angeles.  The final exhibits feature Route 66 like it was when it was a popular route for long, leisurely family road trips, before its demise caused by the opening of the interstate.


(Railroad pix)


Across the street from the Historic Kingman Powerhouse is the Locomotive Park.  This small park features the historical monument Steam Engine #3759, a locomotive that was built in 1928 and ran the Santa Fe Railway Company passenger route between Los Angeles and Kansas City, with a water stop in Kingman.  Dogs are not permitted in this park, but a visit to the park doesn’t take very long and there are shaded parking spots nearby.


We love our turquoise and jewelry!

The coolest thing we learned was that in 1926 the highway paralleling the railroad through Kingman was officially certified US Highway 66

Kingman is the Turquoise Capitol of the World, one of the largest suppliers of turquoise is sourced out of a mountain just northwest of town. 

 Kingman you did not disappoint! 


 5 Energy Boosters 

You know when you’re stuck in that activity that is practically making you pull your hair out? You feel like screaming? Ever been there? I know I have. At that moment, you can continue down that path or you can choose to change it up. It takes just as much energy to stay where you are as it does to change direction. Too much ick in your life creates negative thoughts and emotions which in turn creates bad habits that some of us spend our whole life trying to shed.  Give change a try.

Need a midday, week or month pick me up?  No problem. Here are some quick fixes to love. 

 5 Tips to Kick you out of that "Oh So Awful Frump"

  1.  Fresh Air...Take a step outside to replenish your body and soul.  Spending some time outside in the fresh air has been proven to increase your mood, reduce stress, and change your overall state of mind.  90% of the time it changes a positive way.
  2. MOVE....Your Body and you will MOVE your Mind. When you get up and get out your body is able to release all that frustrating, tiring juju it  has been storing.  Feed those 80 million cells in  your body!  Let them join the party and you will see just how well  they will repay you. 
  3. Green Tea..Most things green are great,  including leafy tea. Green tea boosts your immune system, revamps your mood and creates a soothing break.  
  4. Gratitude...When was the last time you took a moment to close your eyes and say thank you for all you are and have? And if that feels weird look around sweethearts....we live in the greatest place in the world. 

    When I can't seem to get to the place of gratitude, I force myself to think of 5 things I can  appreciate and then for each thing I find an example around me to fit that gift. 
  5. Breathing...some life back into your belly. The best way for all of us to get back to a place of less anxiety, stress, and back to a place of love, is to breathe.  Just like yours, my life  is  cram packed with  events, errands, and details.  But, guess what?  Deep breathing is free, takes a few minutes and has the power to move mountains. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Picture that breath changing all the cells in your body. Feeding them, making them full, making them happy. Feel the breath move through your body from your head to your feet. 

Sounds a little too much?.....

Try it.  

I guarantee it’ll bring you down to that “aaaahhh” state of being.