I’m Anna Ennis. Best-selling author. Brand creator and personal development junkie. You can’t brand yourself until you know yourself.

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The epitome of leadership, Anna Ennis has never preached something that I haven’t seen her practice. She’s the kind of woman that shows up no matter what.

In the 5 years I’ve known Anna, she has demonstrated not only high quality leadership and business skills, but exceptional human characteristics as well. At Anna’s core she is courageous, compassionate, and possesses the most generous spirit. She is truly a woman to watch.

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I have been a go getting, hustling, dream catching entrepreneur for as far back as I can remember. It wasn’t until I took the leap to get to know myself that my brand began to influence and change lives.

"Anna I absolutely love love love everything about you.

You truly have a “Gift” that teaches others to reach for their goals and don’t ever give up or take NO for an answer. You inspire, uplift, and challenge me everyday.

Thank you for being you!

Shannon Steagall

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