A Little About Me...

Me ~

Giver. Learner. Lover. Education obsessed. Day changer. Business Fanatic. Book Junkie. Spent 18 years in beauty and business industry. People and connections will always have my heart.

AT 35 ~

Strong need to give, provide business education to small businesses, collaborate and connect others. Drive and motivation is seeing humans, through education, are able to pursue the ideas and opportunities they have only dreamed about. Can’t stop, won’t stop inspiring new thoughts and ideas to those around me. Surrounded by an amazing husband and two daughters who have taught the most valuable lesson of all… Family, whoever they may be is what keeps you grounded and connected.

​Pursuing a constant learner.

​Committed to helping others, changing lives through non-traditional education, elevating others goals an expectations, creating dream-catchers in all of us.

You know that thing you can’t stop thinking about? That thing that keeps you up at night…the thing that is so scary…but you know if you don’t do it it will be worse than overcoming the fear to start.. you know exactly what we are talking about..your dream. Your story. Your message that will change this world.

But…it’s been done. It’s been shared. It’s already been created. You say. There’s no way I can do it like so and so. I’m not enough. Who am I to…I’m not worthy….I have to achieve this before I start.

Hey my friend….You can’t hide. Your potential is screaming at us! We see you.All of you. The pain, joy, hurt, happiness, frustration, and the bliss.

We know this because that chair your sitting in right now we have sat in. We have been right where you have been.

And one thing we have learned and want to share with you is..
There are people killing it on Instagram, there are people publishing best-selling novels, there are gazillion perfect weight loss products….


There’s no comparison on gifts that we are born with. We think that we are so much like others…that our message, story, product has already been done.

Your story was created authentically for you to share.

We ask you today to give your self permission for the possibility.
Permission to see yourself in a way you may not have seen yourself in. Permission to learning. Permission to just be you.

It doesn’t take years to change. It takes years to prepare yourself for that moment of change. Let today be your moment of change.

If we know anything as your new friend…We know you have something to say, to teach, to share in a powerful way…

Your dream is yours and will surpass all other dreams of those around you.

It is my mission to inspire, and power and equip female entrepreneurs to show up now. I strongly believe that messy action creates the momentum for true progress and change. A lack of action creates fear and insecurity which strangles our dreams. I believe in showing up as you… Just as you are… And taking messy action.

Sharing my Story

Giver. Learner. Lover of people. Education obsessed. Business fanatic. Book junkie.

Co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse Global Publishing and PR LLC. After 17 years in corporate America, helping to build a company from ground-level to a multi-million dollar establishment– I made THE LEAP.

I understand first hand how scary it can be to follow a really BIG dream. I also understand how to make it all happen. My passion is to Inspire, Empower, Equip as many people as possible to take action.

As the mother of two precious young girls, Tillie and Taci, and wife to Jason, My heart is full.

I feel wildly blessed to help others achieve heights they’ve not yet known.

Dreams only become a reality when you take the First Step.
The First Step is always Imperfect.
The Biggest step is the First Step.



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