A Little About Me...

Me ~

Giver. Learner. Lover. Education obsessed. Day changer. Business Fanatic. Book Junkie. Spent 18 years in beauty and business industry. People and connections will always have my heart.

AT 35 ~

Strong need to give, provide business education to small businesses, collaborate and connect others. Drive and motivation is seeing humans, through education, are able to pursue the ideas and opportunities they have only dreamed about. Can’t stop, won’t stop inspiring new thoughts and ideas to those around me. Surrounded by an amazing husband and two daughters who have taught the most valuable lesson of all… Family, whoever they may be is what keeps you grounded and connected.

​Pursuing a constant learner.

​Life, Liberty and Hairdressing. “The Brains Behind the Beauty” book set to release March 2018!

​Committed to helping others, changing lives through non-traditional education, elevating others goals an expectations, creating dream-catchers in all of us.


Annaennis.co is set up for two purposes…. 

Clients For You:

One… To serve, inspire and entertain our guests in our chair and out. We have a core group of mastermind artists that share tutorials, courses, and inspiration…. because beauty is our thing. Being in the industry we have learned from experience and lessons, so of course we are gonna share it all in life, liberty and hairdressing. We all love shopping and that means we have cool stuff to buy. Lastly, our hope is that we inspire all we encounter to be better human beings.

Step on in. Take a look around.

Clients For You:

Two… We provide business education for the driven stylist. Since you’re here, that means you. Our goal is to turn stylists (aka artists) into thriving, passionate entrepreneurs. We have no problem being passionate artists… let’s face it that’s why we joined the greatest industry in the world. But can an artist kill it in business too? Heck yes!

annaennis.co provides top notch business education to turn any stylist into an entrepreneur.

We dare you. Take a look around.

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